The app that plans your day

Dont you have anything to do? Plan your day by simply downloading the app and searching for your favourite events to spend your trip. You cant go anywhere without it go to website


The app of your dreams, with no effort and nothing to worry about on how to plan your holidays. It is as simple as that!

  • Events
  • Sports
  • Festivals
  • Clubs
The Challenge

You are looking for how to spend your night but you havent planned anything yet. You do not have to worry.

The Solution

We're awesome at arranging events, getting the right deals for your and turning and turning an idea into an event.

The Final Solution

A beautiful events needs to be complemented with a great app. Our team will help you find it

Pictures of the app

Get a glimpse of what you are about to find out, when you download the brainless app that never lets you be alone at nights.


  • Events Listing
    Simple scrolling page, allowing you to tailer your options based on your type
  • Secure Payment Processing
    We take security very seriously, thats why we integrated the safest option around
  • Push notifications for deals
    Do you keep forgetting what you need? We help you find it with notifications
  • All the deals you need
    Options are all tailored based on the filtering options of the user
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Companies believe in us. Close partnerships with really cool clients let us do world-class work.

Fun is allowing yourself to enjoy every element of life, and No Plan makes this possible with just a touch of your hand

- Iraklis Anastasiou -


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